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Yachiyo, founded in Kyoho 10 years-The spirit of hospitality that has not changed in the past-

  • History of "Yachiyo" and "Konpira Onsen" in Ryokan

    Founded as "Shiragaya" from Kyoho 10 years (1725).A well-established ryokan that lasts 15 generations.
    The late 13th generation is renamed "Yachiyo".A hot spring also Konpira Onsen as "Konpira Onsen" 35 years ago.
    Until it became "Konpira Onsen Town" in 1998, Speaking of Konpira Onsen was "Yachiyo" one.

    From the open-air bath, you can see various atmospheres Kompirasan and Kotohira's Monzenmachi / Sanuki PlainIn the spring of 2022, we renewed the expansion to 2 hot springs.


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Hotel Name

Kotohira Yachiyo Hotel


611 Kotohira Town, Nakatado County

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15 minutes by car from Zentsuji IC on the Takamatsu Expressway, 40 minutes by car from Ikawa IC on the Tokushima Motorway

Pick-up presence (condition)
If you call us when you arrive at JR Kotohira Station or Kotoden Kotohira Station, we will pick you up in a few minutes.
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As for various banquets and legal requirements, "Yachiyo"

  • To various banquets and budgets from 3 people. Transfers in the suburbs are free for over 15 people.

    At the banquets / conventions at "Yachiyo", we will prepare the venue and cuisine according to the number of people used. If there are more than 15 guests in the suburbs, we will also offer free transfer by bus.
    Please feel free to tell us as you can use our hot springs for free.

    For inquiries about "Yachiyo" banquet / law, please contact 0877-75-3261.

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10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.