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  • Kyora continuing till the present from Kyoho Konpira Onsen Yumoto "Yachiyo"
  • Founded as "Shiragaya" from Kyoho 10 years (1725).A well-established ryokan that lasts 15 generations.
    The late 13th generation is renamed "Yachiyo".A hot spring also Konpira Onsen as "Konpira Onsen" 35 years ago.
    Until it became "Konpira Onsen Town" in 1998, Speaking of Konpira Onsen was "Yachiyo" one.
    Kompirasan accommodation to heal the tiredness of the journey to the Kompirasan coming, we have continued entertaining many travelers so far.
    The dishes will enjoy the season of the season, including the seafood that is caught in the Seto Inland Sea, from the rooftop of the open-air bath, you can view a variety of taste in every season of the Monzenmachi, Sanuki Plain of Kompirasan and Kotohira

    "Yachiyo" is waiting for you with a heart of hospitality that does not change even now and again.